University of Fukui

Lab. Research Topics
Department H.A.I.S. -Robotics Lab. - Learning Control, Model-Based Adaptive Control
- Coordinated Control of Multiple Manipulators and Robot Hands
- Optimal Trajectory Planning of Human and Robot Arm
Interactive Robotics Lab. - Development of Robot Control and Image Processing AI based on Machine Learning
- Human-Robot Interaction
- Motion Generation for Humanoid Robots based on Human Movements
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory - SLAM
- Visual Mobile Robot
- Robot Vision

University of Miyazaki

Lab. Research Topics
Measurement and Control Laboratory - Development of Pig Sorting System
- Weight Estimation of Livestock Animal using Camera
- Applications of Computer Vision

University of Tsukuba

Lab. Research Topics
Advanced Control Systems Research Group - Biologically Inspired Science and Technology
- Vehicle System Modeling and Control
- Nonlinear Time Series Analysis: Theory and its Applications
UTARC Our group is engaged in active robotics researches in varied fields and aims to create an interdisciplinary research basis on Advanced Robotics and Cybernics.
Manipulation System Laboratory - Dexterous Manipulation
- Kinematics Analysis of Robot Manipulation / Handling
- Advanced Industrial Robot
Life Engineering Laboratory - Biology Systems Engineering
- Medical Artificial Intelligence
- Haptics
Cybernics Laboratory - Cybernics: Fusion of Human, Machine and Information
Artificial Intelligence Laboratory - AI
- Cybernics
- Augmented Human
Fumihide Tanaka Laboratory - Social Robotics
- Preventing Social Isolation and Loneliness
- Relieving AI / Relieving Material
Intelligent Robot Laboratory - Intelligent Mobile Robot Systems
- Working Machines in Indoor and Outdoor Environments
Neuroinformatics Laboratory - Machine Learning
- Computational Neuroscience
- Signal Processing
Human Robot Interaction Laboratory - Human-Robot Interface
- Sensor Fusion
- Intelligent Environment
FlexibleRobotics Laboratory - Soft Robotics
- Haptics
Motion Control Laboratory - Mechatronics
- Haptics
- Manipulation
Control and Robotics Laboratory - Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
- Autonomous Mobile Robot
- Redundant Mechanism
Instrumentation and Computing Engineering Laboratory - Sensing
- Robotics
- Embodied Media Interface

University of Yamanashi

Lab. Research Topics
Noda Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering - Transfer System with Vibration Suppression
- Automatic Pouring Robot
- Skill Training System
Kotani & Watanabe Laboratory - Intelligent Robot
- Image Processing
- Image Recognition

Utsunomiya University

Lab. Research Topics
Instrumentation and Robotics Laboratory - Autonomous Mobile Robots
- Agricultural Robots
- Unique Approaches to Robot Locomotion
Intelligent Robots and Systems Laboratory - Intelligent Robotics
- Motion Planning
- Machine Learning
Robotics, Engineering and Agriculture-technology Laboratory(REAL) - Agriculture Robots
- Autonomous Robots
- Social Implementation for Robots