The University of Electro-Communications

Lab. Research Topics
Matsumoto Laboratory - Perceptual Information Processing (Image Processing, Acoustical Signal Processing and Other Fields)
- Next Generation Robotics (Humanoids, Soft Robotics, Origami Robot and Other Robots)
- Human Robot Interaction (Design of Robots that Motivate the Elderly and Other Fields)
Sawada Laboratory - Control System Security
- Energy System
- Automated Distributed System
Yokoi-Jiang-Togo Laboratory - Prosthetics and Orthotics, especially Prosthetic Hand
- Intelligent Robotics
- Functional Electrical Stimulation

The University of Kitakyushu

Lab. Research Topics
Nagahara Lab., Institute of Environmental Science and Technology - Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning Theory)
- Systems and Control
- Society5.0 (Smart Mobility, Drone, Energy Management)
Matsuda Lab. - Support and Evaluation of Rehabilitation for Hemiplegics with Cerebro-vascular Disease
- Development of Electric Wheelchairs System capable of Sustainable Development
- Development and Evaluation of Medical Application Systems using MR Technology

The University of Tokyo

Lab. Research Topics
Tachi Laboratory - Telexistence
- Haptic Primary Colors
- Autostereoscopic Virtual Reality
Real World Robot Informatics Lab (Yamashita-An Lab) - Intelligent Robot
- Robot Vision
- Sensor Information Processing
Maki Lab., Institute of Industrial Science - Underwater Platform System
- Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, Department of Advanced Energy, Fujimoto-Shimizu-Fujita Laboratory - Motion Control (Robot, Electric Vehicle, etc.)
- Nano-scale Servo
- Power Electronics (Motor Drive, Wireless Power Transfer)
Mobile robotics lab, Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering (RACE), School of Engineering - Multi-agent Robotic Systems
- Design of Production/Transport Systems
- Human Analysis, Service to Humans, Science of Hyper-adaptability
Ishikawa Group Laboratory, Information Technology Center - Sensor Fusion
- Dynamic Vision System
- System Vision Design
Ambient Mechatronics Lab - Flexible Power Actuators
- Haptics
- Tactile Sensing
Yamakawa Lab., Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies/Institute of Industrial Science - High-speed Flexible Robotics
- High-speed Sensor Network System
- ITS Application of High-speed Vision
Kawashima Lab., Department of Information Physics and Computing, School of Information Science and Technology - Surgical Robot
- Power Assist System
- Physical Reservoir Computing with a Pneumatic Network
Construction System Management for Innovation - Automation of Construction Machinery
- Development of an Infrastructure Data Platform
- System Development to realize i-Construction
Precision Engineering Department - Asama Lab. - Service Robotics
- Embodied-Brain System
- Cognitive Ergonomics

Tohoku University

Lab. Research Topics
Intelligent Communication Network Lab. (Ito-Nose Lab.) - Robotic Spoken Dialog System
- Multi-modal Interaction
Smart System Integration, Department of Robotics
- S. Tanaka Lab.
- Networked Integrated Tactile Sensors for Robots
- Sensors and Actuators Based on MEMS Technology
- Integration, Microfabrication, Packaging and Thin Film Deposition
Real-World Computing, Research Institute of Electrical Communication - Autonomous Decentralized Control
- Control of Soft-bodied Robots with Large Degrees of Bodily Freedom
- Dynamical System Approach to Understand Versatility Behavioral and its Application to Robotics
Tadokoro Lab., Department of Applied Information Sciences - Disaster Response Robotics (Tracked Vehicles, Serpentine Robots, Cyber Enhanced Canine, Mechanism)
- Haptic Interfaces
- Robotic Infrastructure Inspection System (UAV with a Passive Rotating Spherical Shell, Autonomous Driving)
Advanced Logistics Transport System Research Project(ALTraS), New Industry Creation Hatchery Center (NICHe) - Autonomous Driving
- Intelligent Transport Systems
- Advanced Mobility
Smart Robotics Design Lab. - Life Innovation Robotics
- Human/Environmental Adaptive Multi-Robotics
  New Generation Industrial Robotics
Tamura Lab., Dept. of Robotics - Prediction of the Behavior of Others in a Mixed Traffic with Multiple Types of Vehicles
- Human-Robot Interaction Considering Human Intention and Attention
- Integration of Robotics and Radiation Measurement

Tokyo City University

Lab. Research Topics
Automatic Control Laboratory - Diagnosis and Monitoring Systems Based on Biosignal Data Analysis
- Intelligent Autonomous Mobile Robot
- Road Traffic Simulation
Robotic Life Support Laboratory - Generation and Control of Dynamic Whole Body Motion for Humanoid Robots
- Development of a Modular Home Robot and Realization of Household Tasks
- Dynamics Analysis and Control of Mechatronics Systems
Information Design Lab. - Development of Open Source Social Robot ”Mugbot"
- Fieldwork of Coexistence Environment of Humans and Robots
- Research of Relationship between Humans and Robots

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Mechanical Systems Design Laboratory (Takeda-Sugahara Laboratory, Takeda's page) - Robot Kinematics
- Design Methodology of Mechanical Systems
- Development of Assistive Robotics
Gen Endo Laboratory - Wire-driven Mechanism using Synthetic Fiber Ropes
- Super Long-reach Manipulator for Decommissioning and Infrastructure Inspection Tasks
- Robotic System Aiming at Social Implementation
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Okada Lab. - Design of Control, Mechanism and Interface for Human-machine Cooperation
- Data Science for Joint Design of Robot Parameter Identification and Control
- Human Motion Analysis and Motion Guidance
Hijikata Lab. - Biohybrid Actuator
- Intelligent Ventricular Assist Device
- In vivo Energy Harvesting
Matunaga - Chujo Laboratory for Space Systems (LSS) - From the World's First CubeSat to the Realization of the World's Highest Performance Nano-Satellites and Spacecraft
- Research on the Practical Application of Variable Shape Space Systems and Smart Space Equipment Systems in Earth Orbit and also Deep Space Exploration Orbits
Nakanishi Laboratory - Robots to Assist or Take the Place of Astronauts
- Orbital Servicing Robot
- On-orbit Demonstration of Space Robot Based on Nano-satellite
Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Omata-Ishida Lab - High Performance, Multifunctional Robot Hands
- Medical Robotics (Force Sensing etc.)
- Micro-systems for Biomedical Study
Aero Aqua Biomimetics Lab - Hummingbird-mimetic Flapping-wing Aerial Robot
- Penguin-mimetic Flapping-wing Underwater Robot
- Hydrodynamic Function of Micro Surface Structures in Swimming Animals
Yagi Laboratory - Biomedical Engineering
- Neural Engineering
- Brain-Machine Interface (BMI)
Dept. of Systems and Control Engineering, Nakashima-Lab - Biomechanics (Mechanical Analysis of Sports and Daily Activities)
- Sports Engineering (Development of Simulation Models for Various Sports such as Swimming)
- Bio-robotics (Swimming Humanoid Robot)
Intelligent Robotic Systems Lab. - Distributed Robot Systems, Swarm Robotics
- Robot systems for Chemical Plume Tracing
- Biomimetics
Shoichi Hasegawa Lab, The Laboratory for Future Interdisciplinary Research of Science and Technology, Institute of Innovative Research - Virtual Reality, Physics Engine, Haptic Interface
- Stuffed Toy Mechanism and Control Method for Flexible Robots
- Interactive Agent and its Motion Design and Generation
Yoshida Lab., FIRST, IIR - Power Microrobots Using Fluid Drive
- New Microactuators Using Functional Fluids
- High Output Micro Fluid Power Sources
Kim Lab., FIRST, IIR - Micro Hydraulic Power Source (Micropump) driven by ECF Jet
- ECF Flexible Actuators (Micro Hands or Micro Manipulators)
- MEMS-based ECF Micro Rate Gyroscopes
Shinshi Lab., IIR - Magnetic and Ultrasonic Technologies for Medical Use
- Space Mechatronics
- IoT Technology for Super Smart Society

Tokyo Metropolitan University

Lab. Research Topics
Service Robotics Laboratory - Service Robot
- Robot Therapy
- Automation of Retail Store
Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control Laboratory - Space Robotics
- Control Moment Gyroscopes
- Space Tether System
Intelligent Information Processing Lab. (Shimokawara Lab.) - Community-centric System
- Intelligent System
- Human-robot Multimodal Interaction

Tokyo Women's Medical University

Lab. Research Topics
Faculty of Advanced Techno Surgery, Advanced BioMedical Engineering and Science - Smart Cyber Operating Theater (SCOT)
- Minimally Invasive Therapeutic Device/Robotics
- Creation of Human Resources Integrating Medical and Engineering

Toyama Prefectural University

Lab. Research Topics
Functional Robotics Division, Dept. of Intelligent Robotics - Active/Passive Force Display
- Application of Functional Materials for Mechatronics
- Rehabilitation Robot

Toyo University

Lab. Research Topics
Human Robot Interaction Lab. (Yokota Lab.) - Mobility Assistance System
- Human Interface
- Service Robots
Robotics Lab. (Matsumoto Lab.) - Teaching and Navigation of Autonomous Mobile Robots
- Guidance Robot that Considers Human Behavior
- Application of EMG Signal of Face Muscles to Utterance Training

Toyohashi University of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Interaction and Communication Design Lab. - Social Robotics
- Human-Robot Interaction
- Cognitive Science in Communication
Active Intelligent Systems Laboratory (Miura Laboratory) - Autonomous Mobile Robots
- Robot Vision
- Robotic Lifestyle Support