Nagaoka University of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Motion Control Lab. - Motion Control
- Robotics
- Power Electronics

Nagoya Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Iwasaki Laboratory, Dept. of Elec. & Mech. Eng. - Modeling and Controller Design for Mechatronic Systems
- Motion Control for Industrial Robots
- Fast and Precise Positioning Techniques
Morita Laboratory - Medical/Rehabilitation Support Robot
- Direct Teaching Method of Industrial Robot

Nagoya University

Lab. Research Topics
Doki Laboratory, Department of Information and Communication Engineering - Human-friendly Robot System Design (Wearable Robotics/Soft Robotics/Intelligent Control)
- Autonomous Sensing System Design with Mobile Robots and Drones
- Human-likely Sensor Fusion System Design

National Defense Academy of Japan

Lab. Research Topics
Department of Mechanical Systems Engineering, Control Engineering Lab. - Dexterous Manipulation
- Motion Control and Motion Learning
- Robotic Hand

Nihon University

Lab. Research Topics
The Emergence of Intelligent Motions Lab, Department of Precision Machinery Engineering, College of Science of Technology - Rescue Robots
- Coast and Lake Investigation Robots
- Smart Agricultural Robots

Niigata University

Lab. Research Topics
I.M.A Lab., Faculty of Engineering - Development of Mechanisms for Mobility Assistance
- Measurement and Visualization for Human Behavior and its Biosignal Information
- Interdisciplinary Application based on Techniques of Measurement, Control and Mechanism Design

Nippon Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Future Robotics Lab. (NAKAZATO Lab.) - Medical and Welfare Robot
- Humanoid Robot
- Biomimetic Robot
Faculty of Advanced Engineering, Department of Robotics, IRT System Lab. - IRT Component
- Intelligent Robot
- Biomimetic Robot
Robot Control System Laboratory (Urakawa Lab.) - Motion Control
- Mechatronics Control
- Digital Control Theory