Hirosaki University

Lab. Research Topics
Iwatani Laboratory, Mechanical Science and Engineering Course, Department of Science and Technology - Robot Control
- Robot Vision
- Motion Analysis of Animals

Hiroshima University

Lab. Research Topics
Smart Robotics Laboratory, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering - Smart Vision & Robotic Sensing
- Smart Mechanics & Design
- Smart Control & Manipulation
Biological Systems Engineering Laboratory - Biological Signal Analysis and its Application to Human Interfaces
- Biomechanical Analysis and its Application to Human-machine System Design
- Biometric Information Mining Technology and Human Support Robots
Machinery Dynamics Laboratory, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering - Control of Industrial Robots (Position Control, Force Control, Teleoperation)
- Robotic Human-Assist Systems
- Realtime Physics Simulation

Hokkaido University

Lab. Research Topics
Intelligent Information Systems Lab. - Interaction Robot
- Indoor Positioning Technology
- Mobile Ubiquitous Computing
Intelligent Robots and Systems Laboratory - Humanoid Robot
- Surgery Simulator
- High Speed Manipulation
Laboratory of Precision Metrology and Robotics - Robust SLAM for Autonomous Driving in Snowy Environment
- Development of Large-scale Agroforestry Field Management System using UAV/VTOL
- Development of Autonomous Weeding Robot
Vehicle Robotics Laboratory - Vehicle Robot
- Robot Manipulator
- Remotesensing
Human-Computer Interaction Lab. - Human-Robot Interaction
- Human-Agent Interaction
- Ambient Intelligent Systems
Laboratory of Autonomous Systems Engineering, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Division of Computer Science and Information Technology - Artificial Life/Intelligence
- Cognitive Science
- Swarm Systems

Hosei University

Lab. Research Topics
Intelligent Robotics Laboratory - Intelligent Robots
- Soft Robots
- Rescue Robots
Medical and Welfare Robotics Laboratory - Development of Palpation System by using Laparoscopic Surgical Robot
- Development of Lightweight Power Assist Suit
- Development of Assistive Devices such as Sensory Feedback Device for Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand Users
- Human Assistive Robotics
- Wireless Power Transmission