Chiba Institute of Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Kikuchi Lab. - Development of a Butterfly-style Flapping Robot
- Development of a Small, Fast, and Low-impact Stair-climbing Robot
- Development of an Autonomous Caisson Shovel System for Unmanned Construction
Hayashibara Lab. - Autonomous Mobile Robot
- Humanoid Robot
- Control of Robot Using Deep Learning

Chiba University

Lab. Research Topics
Namiki Laboratory - Robot Vision, High-Speed Image Processing
- Dexterous Robot Hand, Grasping and Manipulation
- Human-Robot Dynamic Interaction
Intelligent Mechanical System Lab. - Autonomous Mobile Robot
- Machine Learning
- Intelligent Mechanical System
HIRASAWA Lab., Dept. of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering - Artificial Skill
- Robot Processing of Wooden Building Materials
- Application of Robots in Construction Sites
Center for Frontier Medical Engineering, Medical / Welfare Engineering Laboratory, KAWAMURA Lab. - Robotic Instruments and Systems for Medical Assisting
- Robotic Application and System for Welfare Assisting
- Design / Development for Enhancing Usability of Medical and Welfare Systems

Chitose Institute of Science and Technology

Lab. Research Topics
Oda Laboratory - Motion Control
- Robot Vision

Chukyo University

Lab. Research Topics
Advanced Sensing and Machine Intelligence Research Group - 3D Object Recognition / Robot Vision
- Intelligent Robotics
- Human Sensing
Human-Robot Symbiosis Laboratory - Human Symbiosis Robotics
- Human Robot Interaction
- Artificial Intelligence

Chuo University

Lab. Research Topics
Intelligent Sensing System Laboratory - Sensing of Mobile Robots
- Range Image Measurement / Processing
- Industrial Application of Image Processing
Micro/Nano-Robotics Laboratory - Micromanipulation
- Micro/Nano-robots for Biomedical Applications
- Fluid Control in Microfluidic Devices
Robotics Laboratory - Cooperative Control System with Multiple Manipulators
- Wire Suspension Robot System
- Robotics in Construction
Nakamura Lab. - Bio Inspired Robotics
- Soft Robotics
- Artificial Muscle and Soft Actuator
Hashimoto Laboratory - Research on Spatial Intelligence
- Research on Robotics with Human Interaction
- Acquisition and Utilization of Biometric Information